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GaaF Ventures is strategic investment partner for startup and scale up companies. We facilitate and accelerate organic growth by strategic investments, financial guidance and entrepreneurial spirit. We have a long-term investment horizon focused on successful partnerships with entrepreneurs and management team.


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London Dynamics was set up to help businesses introduce an advanced, realistic and functional Augmented Reality experience from existing websites. It does this in a highly cost-effective way, with a minimum time investment required and no impact on the fluidity of the existing shopper journey. 


Australia Inbound by Orange Journeys is one of Australia’s leading Inbound Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies. They design and operate itineraries that are guaranteed to deliver unique and unforgettable corporate travel experiences. Australia Inbound by Orange Journeys operates from the picturesque Bega Valley, half way between Sydney and Melbourne via the coastal route. They are committed to go the extra mile for their client's guests.

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VrienDD develops, supplies and maintains sustainable playgrounds (and related accessories) for external and internal use. We help local governments, recreational entrepreneurs and schools to enable this, because we are convinced that it is fun and healthy to meet, play and sport outside (and inside as well).


F1® for everyone! The Official F1® Racing Centre offers the ultimate Formula 1 experience. Smartly located along the A2 Highway in the centre of the Netherlands sixty specially designed Formula 1-simulators with intense force feedback await passionate fans. Here they can experience themselves how it feels to be an F1 driver with free practices, qualifications and of course a full race. Fun for friends, family, colleagues in a virtual Grand Prix™.


Way2Cool is a comfortable spacious penthouse on the Caribbean island of Curacao located on the tropical Curacao Ocean Resort. The penthouse consists of two floors and has a modern interior with no fewer than four bedrooms. Ideal for friends and families with small children to have an unforgettable holiday.


GaaF Investments invests in domestic and commercial real estate.

SIM Racing in the ultimate setting! Race fans can now enjoy an unforgettable virtual racing experience at Circuit Zandvoort. Racesquare is located directly above the pit-boxes, overlooking the famous beachside track and pit-lane. Race or gaming experience is not needed, so access for everyone. For the more experienced SIM-racer there is the option of manual gear shift or no assists. No less than 20 people can race against each other at once, which makes it even more spectacular. The cosy bar offers snacks and refreshments while the shop brings the latest racing merchandise.


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